About Me

Sean Armendariz


Recycled Rock n Roll started in 2001 when my soon-to-be wife and I were out at the Universal City Walk. We stopped in a shop there and saw that someone had made a lamp out of an electric guitar. It was badly made, highly overpriced, and obvious that someone had taken a perfectly good guitar and chopped it up to make a lamp.

I thought to myself: I could make it better, and I could use a guitar that is broken and beyond repair.

I started thinking about how many trees are cut down every year to make guitars. I started thinking about what most people do with guitars that are “broken”. Just wasteful. I thought to myself: If an instrument can’t be fixed, maybe it can find a new life as something else.

We not only offer one of a kind creations, we also offer professional repairs for all stringed instruments as well as brass and woodwinds. I have repaired over 20,000 instruments in the last 10 years.

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. We use recycled, reclaimed, repurposed and found materials for all Recycled Rock n Roll creations.

Recycled Rock n Roll is a company inspired by musicians, operated by musicians, and open to music lovers of all genres!